Who Are We

We are an international family who have been homeschooling our children since birth. I (Kim) was raised on the mission field (I'll let you browse around the site and try to guess where...) as the oldest of 5 children. My dad was a pastor when we were not on the mission field, but on the mission field, my parents did Bible translation and literacy work. I grew up in a small rural village in Africa, with no electricity, TV or phones - and LOVED it. I went to boarding schools for most of my education (and now I homeschool - hmmmm.....). I also managed to attend 10 schools during my K-12 career, including public, private, boarding and homeschools. So, I have made the rounds!

My husband, Tim, is from Sierra Leone, West Africa. He, too, is the oldest of 5 children and a pastor's kid. We met while I was a missionary nurse there, and were married there 15 years ago. He currently is the General Manager of the technical division of an IT support company in Memphis, TN.

We have three beautiful children. Our oldest son is 13 and in 9th grade. He is passionate about soccer and wants to play for FIFA someday. His favorite subject is math, but he also loves history. Our daughter is 10 and in the 5th grade. She loves American Girl dolls and stories, Elsie Dinsmore, and animals of all sorts. She loves homeschooling, period, but her favorite subject is history - and creative writing if it isn't assigned by me! Our youngest son is 5 and just starting out his formal education, but after sitting in with his siblings for several years, he can hold his own pretty well in academia. He loves soccer and anything his older brother and sister do.

Our homeschool journey has taken us on a varied path. I've used package curricula, like Sonlight, at times, but mostly I use a variety of methods and resources that best fit the learning styles of my children. Unit studies are my favorite - because they fit EVERYONE'S learning style - and because I can kill many birds with one stone, so to speak. I try very hard to incorporate a Charlotte Mason approach with my children, though we are probably not as "pure" about her methods as many! With the high school years looming on the horizon, I am once again regrouping and rethinking. Between adding children at rather lengthy intervals, dealing with learning disabilities and challenges, and moving around quite a bit - I feel like I do a lot of regrouping!

We recently spent 7 months in Sierra Leone, West Africa where we managed to accomplish more than one semester of academic work, but our real learning came from living and working closely in another culture and discovering family roots and differences. We also had 2 Korean missionary kids join our school for that semester, which came with it's own set of challenges and blessings. We would consider the midwest our "home," but currently we live in Mississippi, right outside of Memphis, TN. This past year we also had the added privilege and challenge of homeschooling another 12 year old boy for 4 months. This year we are all by ourselves for a change, and enjoying the flexibility.

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